About Us

White Oak Capital partners with entrepreneurial individuals who understand the value of flexibility and innovation as key driving factors in building and growing businesses. Over the years, numerous companies have put their faith in us and our network of highly knowledgeable investment professionals to oversee many key areas of business, including sales and divestment, valuation services, and mergers and acquisitions.

Since our founding we have expanded our network to include merger candidates, financial resources, and strategic buyers. After successfully concluding numerous partnerships, White Oak Capital finds itself as one of the top investment firms in the world. We dynamically track business valuations and investment trends across a wide range of industries, as well as tracking potential global opportunities that can further drive growth.

White Oak Capital achieves outstanding results for clients by dedicating themselves to the administration and implementation of all areas of transactions. Our well established and wide reaching business network allows for access to global strategic buyers, merger candidates, and financial resources.

Our team uses their exceptional business and investment skills to best serve your interests by focusing on what matters most – the desired end result. By working with us you will gain access to our large global network of strategic buyers, financial institutions, asset based lenders, and equity and mezzanine funds. In addition to this, we also have a large database consisting of active buyers and investors, who have at some point worked with or been in contact with White Oak Capital for business acquisition opportunities.

We will help your business by improving your earnings, creating liquidity, and increasing your market share by working with you as a partner in business. Our exceptional team is made up of investment experts who hold and impressive track record in transactions, which allows us to work with you in an effective manner when dealing with complex engagements.

We leave no stone unturned; every resource and tool at our disposal is utilized to provide clients with highly targeted and satisfactory results. White Oak Capital places a lot of value in businesses and their interests, and we acknowledge that clients require an independent assessment and a team with plenty of experience to successfully identify potential issues in enterprise, and of course to provide effective solutions. We offer a wealth of expertise in transactions and business, market focus, international networking, and resources, so clients can rest assured in the knowledge that we will help them achieve the results they desire.

Enterprises look to us for customized and innovative capital market solutions, benefiting from our expansive global networks and our vast experience. Our team has decades of experience in multiple areas, with an impressive track record to back it up. We can assist with complex issues and provide useful advice to clients in many areas, ranging from the issuance of IPOs to the acquisition of specific businesses.

By carefully analysing the client’s main objectives, financial position, and competition, we can provide a high quality service that offers both strategic financial and investment advice.