White Oak Capital’s mergers and acquisitions service provides clients with exceptional strategies in sustainable grown and exit plans. Our highly experienced team will choose and contact the relevant targets, and process all aspects of the transaction, in addition to working through the intricacies of the deal. This includes working out structural enhancements and carrying out the necessary due diligence checks.

By leveraging our global network of financial purchasers and strategic investors, we’re able to position and promote companies for purchase. We’ll work with you from the very beginning all the way through to the completion of the sales process. We work on the post-tax proceeds, and ensure the exit strategy does not impact on productivity.

White Oak Capital can assist in disputes of ownership between stakeholders, by restructuring or dissolving their relationships in an effective manner. We carry out the entire buyout process, providing a service that plans tactically for the enterprise and stakeholders. In addition to this, we also carry out a valuation of the enterprise and assess each stakeholder’s interests, create an effective exit strategy, workflow, and pricing structure, and come up with engagement rules for departing stakeholders. We also facilitate the buyout by sourcing finance and overseeing the execution of the transaction from start to finish.

At White Oak Capital we ensure that every client’s needs are adequately fulfilled. We make sure the client has access to sufficient funding, modern technology, bespoke services, innovative products, and tools and channels for administration. Our team will level the playing field for your enterprise when it comes to negotiations and the facilitation of productive engagements with both domestic and international enterprises. All of this, while still maintaining the productivity targets of the enterprise.