White Oak Capital assists with the development of strategies designed to speed up recovery for businesses that have financial and productivity issues, by providing restructuring solutions for stakeholders and enterprises. Our strong industry background and highly qualified team of experts allows us to create customized services that are a unique fit for our client’s specific requirements and circumstances.

Our international restructuring service can assist in finding solutions for businesses that may find themselves in circumstances where their enterprise value is under threat.

We work very closely with stakeholders, lenders, and management at all levels to devise a strategy and implement restructuring plans that will deliver tangible improvements in cash flow, profit and loss figures, and balance sheets.

White Oak Capital gives businesses the opportunity to make significant transformations to their operations and finances through straightforward strategic methods that have an overall objective of improving the businesses productivity, ultimately helping to create significant and sustainable value for the enterprise.

Our knowledgeable team can assist in the revitalization of businesses and their operations, providing an optimization in the overall value of many areas. We have the ability to deal with complicated business matters where there may be multiple stakeholders by being flexible, strategic, and proficient in our approach. Our many decades of experience in dealing with out-of-court restructurings, distressed sales of business units, and bond exchanges and tender offers, positions us well to get the best results for our clients.

White Oak Capital can provide enterprises and their borrowers with practical evaluations of capital market solutions by leveraging their extensive network of partnerships and alliances, as well as their multidisciplinary experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas.