Each day businesses must deal with complex and confusing issues surrounding valuations. White Oak Capital can help you recognize the positive impacts of your business decisions, by carrying out a fully independent valuation assessment of the enterprise.

Our experienced team will determine the value of the enterprise and the stakeholder’s interests, providing the necessary assessment services for various investment engagements, tax activities, financial transactions, and other additional endeavours.

Our valuation services include the following:

  • An extensive assessment of the valuation of the business and its assets when it comes to sales, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Estimations of market value and reports for taxation purposes
  • The adaptation of enterprise units
  • Transparent, independent, and fair opinions and valuations
  • Expert assistance in all areas of enterprise, including legal issues
  • Valuation discount options in regards to interest in portions of units

Despite most believing that the valuation of an enterprise or its assets is purely mathematical, the reality is that it requires an extensive assessment using a number of skills and areas of expertise. The outcome of the valuation will be impacted by the level of assessment carried out and the strategic decisions made.

It’s vitally important to ensure that the information relating to the valuation of your business or its assets is accurate and well examined, and not just based on estimations or assumptions. Regardless of what your objectives are when it comes to a valuation service, it’s important to look at the service as something that can have a large impact on the decisions you take when it comes to what is undoubtedly your largest financial asset.